Common Questions

CT wedding DJ Butch GrayWill the DJ be responsive to our concerns about sound level?

It is important to us that the guests at your party be comfortable with the volume of the music. We are dedicated to keeping the music throughout the party at a level that is exciting, yet does not blow out your eardrums.

What is “Continuous Music” and how does it affect my party?

“Continuous Music” means that there will always be music playing throughout your event. As dinner is served, music that you select, will be played. You and your guests can enjoy Classical music, Contemporary or Standard Jazz, Pop, mellow Rock standards, or Big Band Favorites plus your requests.

What if the Bride & Groom live out-of-state?

If you are planning a local wedding, but live out-of-town, we will work with you to facilitate the long-distance planning process. We will be there for you, and will keep the lines of communication open to answer your questions every step of the way. Most information can be forwarded via e-mail if you can not visit before your wedding day.

Why do you place your speakers on stands?

Sound travels better when it is unobstructed. This ensures that people in the back of a room can hear the music and announcements well, while not overpowering the guests closer to the speakers. The sound can be kept at a moderate level for all to enjoy. This is especially important during the cocktail hour and dinner when most people are catching up with people they may not have seen for some time.

Do you carry back up equipment?

An extra system is built in to my standard system. If for example, a Compact Disc player is not working properly, I have three others built in to the system. If for some reason there was a power surge that damaged my standard system, I have another in my vehicle.

Wedding DJ CT Butch GrayHow long have you been DJ’ing?

I have been working as a professional DJ since 1989. Before I practiced my craft at various parties since I was eight years old.

How many songs can you play an hour?

I can play an average of fourteen songs an hour. If there are fewer special events, more songs can be played and of course, more events would mean fewer songs could be played.

What happens if you are sick?

I have never missed an event. In all the years I have been a professional DJ, I have only had to use a backup once. Since I am a member of the DJ Network, there is always a backup available. If there are additional costs for a back up DJ’s service, it comes out of my pocket, not yours.

What type of events do you do?

I have done wedding receptions, birthday parties, baptism parties, union receptions, corporate events, fundraisers, holiday parties and reunions. Any event that requires professional musical entertainment is one for which I can help.

Is there an additional fee for travel expense?

I cover the entire State of Connecticut for no additional fee. Out-of-state events may require an additional travel fee.

How do I know what equipment I need for my party?

The size of the DJ system is determined by several factors: the number of guests at your event, the size of the room in which your party will be held, the type of music you want performed, any special preferences you may have, and of course, your budget. The answers to these questions will enable us advise you on the appropriate DJ System size.

CT event DJ Butch GrayCan “Butch Gray” arrange additional music and entertainment for my party?

Yes. Here is a partial list of what we can provide:
Karaoke Lighting and effects
Classical ensembles
Party Dancers/Swing Dancers
Jazz Groups
Dance Instruction