Mr. Behind-The-Scenes

Saturday, I DJed at Mount Southington in Southington, CT. Beautiful weather and a great crowd was in attendance to celebrate their annual Winter Carnival.
People always ask why I would consider DJing outside, on the snow covered hills at a ski area. I will be the first to admit that sometimes it is crazy. Either the cold freezes something essential or the warmth melts and I’m surrounded by liquid. I always say that the mark of a good DJ is one that has the ability to adapt to the circumstances presented at that particular event.
Witnessing special moments, moments that I help to create, is what I enjoy most at events that I DJ. One in particular from Saturday that stands out is when the little ski race team (4-7 years old) got out of practice, they came over and requested the Cha Cha Slide and some other group dances. After a few songs, a little girl asked me to play Pharrell’s Happy. I put it right in. It mixed well into what I was playing but more importantly, this little girl had been trying to get her father to dance during my entire set but he felt funny dancing with all the kids I’m sure. As soon as I announced the song and that it was dedicated to Dad (him!) he had no choice. Of course, they had a great time and shared a moment. Luckily, I kind of shared in it too and was able to share a smile of gratitude with the Dad. He realized how lucky he was and I was appreciative that I played a part in orchestrating their moment.

Stay classy Mount Southington!