Farmington DJ Services

There is an art to entertaining. To create a memorable experience, you need quality entertainment. Farmington DJ Services begins with some common elements: guests, music and the client’s desire for the event to be successful. It’s the inspiration in the execution and preparation before the event that distinguishes me from the ordinary.

While others may do Farmington CT events by number, I make each event an original, a unique reflection of my client…you! I take inspiration from your dreams and desires. I do not ask you to follow someone else’s format because I will thrive in yours. That is what makes me unique. My motto is to exceed your expectations.
I never strive to just meet them. I am Butch Gray, DJ and Entertainer.

My talent is providing an elegant, fun and versatile Farmington DJ Services.

I creatively express your style and taste, in music and details that others might not even conceive, let alone deliver in such a natural and professional manner. My signature is my service. I ensure the only surprise for my clients is who catches the bouquet. I am well versed in wedding etiquette and the special traditions of many cultures. Your designs are met to perfection. I have also created ways to include your guests in the celebration.

With your permission, request forms with music they would like can be included in the reception’s play list. Special dedications may be made and if you have someone that is musically inclined, we can incorporate them in the festivities. My Hartford clients all agree I am a master in creating their unique masterpiece, an event that reflects their wishes.

Professional DJ Code of Ethics
Disc Jockey must wear a tuxedo to all weddings, anniversary parties and corporate functions.
Equipment will be maintained in a clean, aesthetically pleasing manner.
Drugs and alcohol are not permitted under any circumstances while performing, setting up or breaking down.
Disc Jockey will provide consultation services, in person, to all brides and grooms within a reasonable period before the wedding date.
Disc Jockey must be set up, with music playing, at least 10 minutes before scheduled time.
Disc Jockey must cooperate with all service people incorporated with the event (photographer, videographer, wedding consultant, etc.).
Disc Jockey must introduce him/herself to the banquet manager in charge of reception to coordinate the day’s events before the bride and groom’s arrival.
Disc Jockey must return telephone calls to clients within 24 hours of the original call, before and after the contract is signed.
Volume during the cocktail and dinner hour will be at a reasonable level in order for conversation to easily occur.
Profanity is strictly prohibited, on or off the microphone.
Disc Jockey will always maintain a professional, positive and friendly attitude throughout the performance, despite any occurrences.
Disc Jockey should congratulate the bride and groom personally before leaving the event.

Specializing in Music and Memories

There are a large amount of DJ’s out there in the Farmington area, but do you have the right one to guide and entertain your wedding and reception flawlessly?
We understand your entertainment is a high priority and you’re putting a huge responsibility and trust in the hands of our company.