Looks can be deceiving

Over twenty years ago, there was a new fantastic wedding reception location called the Sly Fox. It had a beautiful dance floor raised a few feet above the dinner tables that had these really cool wrap around brass rails.My one and only time DJing there was memorable!
Here’s the story…I got all set up on the raised dnce floor and during the cocktail hour I’m approached by the groom and an older woman, who is not his wife. Of course they ask for Time of Your Life and instantly began a choreographed dance. They were awesome dancers. Everyone started to gather around the rails and watch.
Towards the end of the song the groom dips the woman over the brass rail. What a great way to finish the dance I thought. How wrong I was! They kissed pretty passionately. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing.
At this point, I thought things couldn’t get any worse and I figured that was it for their marital bliss. Then the bride walked in from the patio and saw what was going on. Her face definitely dropped.
I’m thinking that was a party killer but it wasn’t. Everyone began dancing with each other and appeared to have a great time. They had to have been swingers. We DJs really do see the craziest stuff. This wedding reception was truly unlike any other I’ve ever DJed.
What crazy things have you seen happen at a wedding?