Review of Bill Miller’s Castle

I recently had the pleasure of DJing at Bill Miller’s Castle for a wedding ceremony and reception.
When I first arrived, I noticed that things appeared a little different (lights and sound) than the last time I played there. I was immediately approached by Jan and Lisa Miller. They reviewed information regarding the events and showed me the best way to enter the facility. They are very professional and have that can-do attitude. During the event, Jan or Lisa was always available to their clients and me.
Jan showed me all the lighting and audio options that the castle has available. He went through different options that I could use within their system. I was happy that he allowed me access to his computer network and even provided me with some passwords. It is this type of teamwork, I feel, that separates Bill Miller’s castle from many other facilities. They understand that for our clients to experience the best event, we all need to work together. Thank you Lisa and Jan!