One Lucky Irish DJ

Sunday morning, I woke way to early to a whimpering sound in my basement. Our new puppy saw the sun rise and thought it as a great time to go out. The little guy didn’t realize that Dad (me!) was out DJing and got in at 1:30am.
As exhausted as I was I crawled out of bed and did my best Fred Sanford interpretation and took my furry friend for a walk. Our little ten week old bundle of joy was delighted to be alive and found great pleasure in nipping at my slow moving heels.
I’m not a morning person but am quickly becoming one. I sat on the dew covered grass in my back yard and was down right thankful. Not for my wet behind really but for everything else.
I’ve got it pretty darn good I thought. Sure, I’m busy and not sleeping as much as I should these days but its wedding season baby and I’m a DJ that gets the opportunity to Rock a different house every weekend. This is exactly the way I hoped it would be when I started. Great clients that demand the best from me and appreciate what I do!
So anyway, thanks for reading and I will post a picture of our puppy for you soon.