Meet Butch

Inspiration in the execution and preparation before the event distinguishes me from other entertainers. I make each event a unique reflection of my client. Your dreams and desires come first.

Fun Facts

  • I started DJing at 8 years old and got my big break at 19. On Spring Break with my buddies, they worked on getting a DJ drunk and getting me on the 1s and 2s! The rest is history. Thank you Rich, Chip, Paul, Joe, and George, especially George because I lost his fake ID that same night!
  • I have a BA in Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice. A few relatives are lawyers and seeing them not so happy, I decided to go my own route.
  • I love baseball, basketball and the Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics. I’m not playing pickup as much as I used to these days but am always ready to play!
  • I tore my ACL, had it surgically repaired on a Monday, and DJed a wedding at the Aqua Turf that Saturday, with my crew of course!
  • I married my High School Sweetheart and we have 5 kids! I love ❤️ them all so much and am very grateful for everything that we have.

Professional DJ Code of Ethics

  • Disc Jockey must wear a tuxedo to all weddings, anniversary parties and corporate functions.
  • Equipment will be maintained in a clean, aesthetically pleasing manner.
  • Drugs and alcohol are not permitted under any circumstances while performing, setting up or breaking down.
  • Disc Jockey will provide consultation services, in person, to all brides and grooms within a reasonable period before the wedding date.
  • Disc Jockey must be set up, with music playing, at least 10 minutes before scheduled time.
  • Disc Jockey must cooperate with all service people incorporated with the event (photographer, videographer, wedding consultant, etc.).
  • Disc Jockey must introduce him/herself to the banquet manager in charge of reception to coordinate the day’s events before the bride and groom’s arrival.
  • Disc Jockey must return telephone calls to clients within 24 hours of the original call, before and after the contract is signed.
  • Volume during the cocktail and dinner hour will be at a reasonable level in order for conversation to easily occur.
  • Profanity is strictly prohibited, on or off the microphone.
  • Disc Jockey will always maintain a professional, positive and friendly attitude throughout the performance, despite any occurrences.
  • Disc Jockey should congratulate the bride and groom personally before leaving the event.

Our guests absolutely loved the entire vibe of the wedding which was brought over the top by Butch’s incredible skills! Our families and guests all commented on how wonderful and personable Butch was, which meant a lot to us. We wanted vendors who represented us as a couple in terms of how they engage, and Butch truly excels at this!
Kristin Holmes, Google Review